Zoe Woodrow




Zoe Woodrow




WHAT art-making tool can't you live without?

“A pencil for sure. Although I primarily finish my work digitally, I still sketch it out beforehand. I need to get a good idea of where a piece is going before I commit any dark bold lines or colour.”

WHAT is the best & worst thing about a blind collaboration?

“The best is variation of style. I feel like if we were allowed to see the other art we’d tailor our pieces to match, either consciously or not. Chaos is attractive, especially in an exquisite corpse. The worst is uncertainty, which just comes with being nervous that your piece won’t fit with the others in an appealing way or that your interpretation of the theme is way off base.”

WHAT does the word "beastly" bring to your mind?

“I go for the classic interpretation: Matted fur, bared teeth, twisted horns & sharp claws. I love the variation an animal can have under the title of ‘Beast’: cryptids like the chupacabra, classic monsters like the werewolf, real animals like the aye-aye.”