Paige Madill





WHAT art-making tool can't you live without?

“Paint markers. They provide such flexibility for adding a pop of colour to any project, and can be used on many mediums. It’s also pretty great to use them on their own for their opacity and consistency.”

WHAT is the best & worst thing about a blind collaboration?

“Best: The creative chaos that comes from mashing different artists work together, your never going to get anything expected, and that’s exciting. Worst: It can feel like a lot of pressure to make something that will be contrasted beside other amazing illustrators work. But I think you just learn to go with the flow and see what happens.”

WHAT does the word "beastly" bring to your mind?

“Fairytales, demons, folk myth, our own internal fear of ourselves as humans. Wildness unbound and unbothered by any modern limitations. A carnal and untouched state.”