The Music

Making music is also a Frankenstein process: the sounds of human & embedded energy, tamed & crafted into a stunning, unified body of song.

So we enlisted four local songsmiths to pair some of their strange instrumental creations with time lapse videos of Beasting contributions.


Deep forest fantasy dweller & shapeshifting siren sage Eiyn Sof (aka Melissa Boraski) is one of the region's underappreciated creative forces. Her recent collabs with NY-based artist Eulas Pizarro & Eric's Tripper extraordinaire Rick White added amazing new layers to two decades of enchanting musical and visual experiments. Eiyn Sof tracks featured in Beasting 2021 time lapses are from this 2017 release, which was improvised live using only voice with loop & reverb pedals. It rarely sounds like any of her other 15 records. 


Textural & glitchy techno, enigmatic ambient & intriguing wordplay are three of the sharpest arrows in the quiver of Spoke And Mirror, aka Jordan Mandel. The local composer, DJ, space-curating sound-scaper & lover of bass waves rattling his skeleton is readying a new, dub-licious summer record. We added a six-pack of killer tracks from two past releases to a half-dozen 2021 artist time lapses + The Beasting's launch vid.



Visual artist, graphic designer & prolific psychedelic songwriter Roan Bateman has made music as Dark Bird since the late-90s. Tricks up his sleeves include a super trippy library of pedal artwork for Greenhouse Effects, lava-lamped lyric videos for his new record, Out Of Line, & all sorts of album packaging & posters. Songs from Dark Bird's three instrumental albums gel well with six Beasting 2021 time lapses. 
Bonus track: Roan will also create a beast body part (but we'll pair it with someone else's jam).


An epic journey by way of Country Hills, Cameron Heights, MySpace & burned CDs, Diverse barber shop, Kitchener Youth Action Council, 3rd Degree studio & the legendary reverberations of Embassy's Northern Horde led Tait Garrett to eventually create Track House Studio. (Dig into Tait's tale on Sam Nabi's dope Tri-City Hip Hop.) Tait drops beats you ain't heard before on six Beasting 2021 time lapses too.