Conan Stark





WHAT art-making tool can't you live without?

“My fountain pen and dotted notebook. As an art teacher, artist, parent... I tend to be scattered and have ideas bouncing around in my head at all times, so having my notebook on hand allows me sketch out/write everything down, before they drift away and are lost.”

WHAT is the best & worst thing about a blind collaboration?

“The best thing is the excitement + impatience waiting to see the results of the project.”

WHAT does the word "beastly" bring to your mind?

“I’m a comic book enthusiast and the depictions of the otherworldly, the strange and beastly in comics was a huge part of the appeal.  When I think of things that are beastly, what comes to mind is – the dark corners and mysteries that fill us with fear and intrigue/the outcasts we root for/a contradiction to the ordinary/the hero that can look like a villain/that the ‘beastly’ is a subversive superpower that embraces imperfection.”