Faki Kuano





WHAT art-making tool can't you live without?

“Marker, because I usually sketch and using markers gives me a better understanding about where every line meets. Also, I can’t erase when I use markers. So it challenges me to trust myself with every line and direction the picture is headed.”

WHAT is the best & worst thing about a blind collaboration?

“One of the best benefits about a blind collaboration project is the increased creativity and the capacity for problem-solving arising from different skill sets.  A shared sense of accountability and most times a better understanding of an individual’s contributions. In the best-case scenario, once credit is given where its due, levels of motivation and engagement among teams may increase. Your ideas may not be the one the team goes with, the environment and how you do your work may change. Those may not be the worst but are cons for sure. The worst might be a bias leader.”

WHAT does the word "beastly" bring to your mind?

“The land of the wild beasts!”