Tanner Ceallaigh





WHAT art-making tool can't you live without?

“A pencil and eraser, for first drafts and happy accidents. A pencil is always my go-to tool or drawing medium for all of my sketches, planning out paintings, etc. It’s always the first thing I reach for when starting a new project. I usually start with gestural shapes and then work into a more refined drawing, then I’ll use whatever medium my mind is craving after that.”

WHAT is the best & worst thing about a blind collaboration?

“Best thing is getting to meet other artist from the community! I don’t know if there’s a worst thing. Sure, going into a new project blind is a little nerve racking but it’s always good to push your personal limits and put yourself into new creative problem-solving environments.”

WHAT does the word "beastly" bring to your mind?

“I think of quirky, odd, frightening looking creatures, maybe something that you can’t quite tell is friend or foe.”